Partnership and Collaboration

The purpose of Ithaca Community Harvest is to create infrastructure to strengthen collaboration amongst food justice and sustainability leaders in our efforts to build local food sovereignty and consciously harmonize our programming to serve as a model for the systems approach needed in our broader society.

Ithaca Community Harvest is the name of the administrative body that supports other organizations, but also has its own programs.

Through collaboration we identify otherwise overlooked leverage points to:

  • Increase effectiveness
  • Share resources & improve efficiencies
  • Increase and diversify stakeholder engagement through differential access to populations (particularly those that are disproportionately affected by the perils of food insecurity, the impending energy crisis, economic instability and overall environmental demise). 
  • Develop systems that ensure ease of access to locally produced, organically grown produce for all programs that serve Ithaca City School District families throughout the day. This includes school breakfast and lunch, fresh fruit and vegetable snacks during the school day and after school, snacks and dinner programs after school and ready-to-prepare foods brought into homes.

Ithaca Community Harvest is excited to continue working with the Park Foundation to weave our efforts together and actualize our shared vision of a healthy, equitable and sustainable community where everyone is empowered to access wholesome foods with dignity and our farmers thrive as responsible stewards of the environment. We welcome you to join us in this exciting period of enthusiasm and national support for the farm to school movement and an increasing awareness of the necessity for disease prevention through wellness and healthy diets. 



Ithaca Community Harvest works with or has worked with the following programs, activities and local organizations: 

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program (FFVSP) at BJM
  • Gardens 4 Humanity (G4H)
  • Healthy Food for All (HFFA)
  • Ithaca Crop Mob and Gleaning (ICM)
  • Healthy Dinners (HD)
  • Market Boxes (MB)
  • Wood's Earth (WE)
  • Friendship Donations (FDN)
  • Child Nutrition Program (CNP)
  • Whole Community Project (WCP)
  • Youth Farm Project (YFP)



Ithaca Community Harvest works in partnership with:

  • The Village at Ithaca
  • Southside Community Center
  • Ithaca City School District
  • GreenStar Cooperative Market
  • Greater Ithaca Activities Center
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County
  • Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming
  • Building Bridges Initiative Community Educator/Organizers (CEO)