Food Donations

Ithaca Community harvest can accept locally grown fruits and vegetables. Our gleaning teams will even help pick them! 

If you are a farm with a pallet at the GreenStar Warehouse, you can even leave your donation on our ICH pallet while you are there with your produce.

This can be a tax exempt donation upon request.

Local farmers and gardeners;

Please contact Vanessa Wood



Special thanks to the following farms who have generously donated to us:

 Plowbreak Farm

 Cornell Orchards

 Woods Earth Living Classroom 

 Youth Farm Project 

 Sacred Seed Farm

 Stick and Stone Farm

 Dancing Turtle Farm

 Kestrel Perch Berry Farm

 Buried Treasures Farm

 Red Tail Farm

 Six Circles Farm

 Muddy Fingers Farm


Apologies if we forgot anyone, and feel free to get in touch if that is the case, so we can rightfully add you to the list.