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ICH is a collaborative effort of local organizations and initiatives concerned with food security, education, health, sustainable community development and food justice


Follow Our Fundraising Campaign

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our PEAKS campaign, or through cash or checks!  Scroll down to the bottom for fundraising updates.  Also THANK YOU to everyone who has come forward to volunteer... we couldn't do it without you!

Our current fundraising has been to support our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program at Beverly J. Martin Elementary (BJM).

Our goal is to raise $4,000 through community donations to help support the FFVSP.  Even though our campaign dates are over, you can still donate through our PEAKS site!

 The program serves one serving of a fruit and a vegetable to each child and classroom staff in the school. They are raw and fresh with carefully considered flavor combinations, and BJM have eaten over 50 kinds of produce. We also source as local and organic as possible! It has helped create a positive culture around eating healthy food among children and adults alike.  Students often request fruits and vegetables at home, sometimes to the surprise of their parents!

Since January 2014, snack has been scaled back to one day per week.  The program has served fresh fruit and vegetable snacks in the classroom every school day since 2008.  We are very happy to announce that due to community donations, we were able to increase snack to every school day again starting in mid-May!  THANK YOU to all who donated!  

We are still raising funds for next year's program, so if you didn't get a chance to donate and want to support the program, please do so by following the donate button.

 Thanks to generous donations and discounts from local farms, snack often features a local fruit and/or vegetable.  In turn, more families gain greater appreciation for local farms fresh food.  Bringing the farm and school communities closer together, helping curb hunger in the classroom, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption at BJM, and creating a positive cuture around eating fresh, healthy produce are some of the main benefits of this well-loved program. 

Please consider helping!  A donation of $10 is like 'sponsoring' one child to get snack every school day for that month.  A donation of $200 is like 'sponsoring' one classroom.  ANY donation helps!


Check here for updates on how our campaign is doing!  

June 18, 2014: $1,072 raised on PEAKS, about $700 through cash and checks including from our fundraising event at the Just Be Cause Center.  Thanks to Just Be Cause for donating the space, Tristan and all the bands for playing for us!  Also thanks to our anonymous angel donor who contributed $4,000 through the Community Foundation!  We are so grateful.

May 21, 2014: $1,002 raised on PEAKS and $470 through cash and checks.  Just 3 DAYS LEFT of the PEAKS campaign, although you can still donate there after the campaign is over.  Second week of doing snack on Tuesdays and Thursdays!  

May 9, 2014: $625 raised on PEAKS and $300 through cash and checks.  15 days left of the PEAKS campaign to raise $3,100!  We now are able to serve snack TWO DAYS PER WEEK.... Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yay! We therefore need more volunteers!

April 30, 2014: $320 have been raised on PEAKS and $150 through cash and checks.  24 days left on PEAKS

April 28, 2014: We passed the $100 mark, with $110 raised so far. We now have three Champions. 26 days left to raise $3,890.

April 23, 2014: Campaign launched at ffvsp.peakmaker.com